Markets & Brocantes


The market at St Foy, on Saturdays, is one of the best in the area. On a Monday you can go to Duras, or Castillon, Wednesday Bergerac, Thursday Eymet and Friday Monsegur, where our gorgeous walnut refectory table came from. At all of these you will find fruit and vegetables full of flavour and sunshine, beautiful local cheeses, great charcuterie, olives, oils, meats, bread of all shapes and flavours and one of my favourites: figs stuffed with foie gras!

In the spring and summer months you will also find a number of brocantes or antique, bric a brac fairs, sometimes in the grounds of lovely castles, where you are likely to come across some great finds. Ask at the Offie de Tourisme for dates and venues.

Marchés Nocturnes are held all over during the summer months. Duras is on a Thursday and Monsegur on a Wednesday night but get details from the tourist office. These are mostly an opportunity to eat out. Numerous and varied stalls are set up offering a wide range of foods and cuisines - some local others less so - but all home produced. Select what you want to eat and sit at trestles tables with the locals to enjoy the fare. Buskers and street entertainers add to the atmosphere, and it's a great opportunity to sample the local wines!