World famous wines of Bordeaux and Entre Deux Mer

"Le Terroir" is a wonderful world which denotes the richness and gifts of the land. It relates to the geology, the geography, climate and qualities of an area and its effect on what is produced there. It relates to its food, its warmth, its soil and even its spirit.

Saint Emilion Grand Cru
Petrvs wine

The terroire around Les Galineaux is rich not only in its wines but in truffles, foie gras, tomatoes (from Marmande), prunes, oysters and even macaroons!

The world famous wines of Bordeaux and Entre Deux Mer (or Bordeaux Superieur) surround you at Les Galineaux. Within 20 minutes you can visit the chateaux of St Emilion, Pomerol, Sauternes, Montbazillac, Bergerac and many more... There are various wine tours that you can also book, some of which are quite serious others great fun for the family.

For more information on "degustations" and wines of the area visit Les vins de Bordeaux and Entre deux Mer and of course L'office de tourism.  BD Tours offer a wide variety of vineyard tours in the Bordeaux and Entre Deux Mer area and you can even organise to go on horse back which must surely be wonderful! You might also want to listen to this podcast which will tell you all about St Emilion and it other delights.